Prerelease R2011b

prerelease r2011b

Pour voir les releases notes de la Prerelease R2011b:

Voilà un extrait de ce qu’on peut lire sur les Release Notes de ce MATLAB 7.13 :

Development Environment
• Startup Accelerator for faster MATLAB startup on Windows, especially on
Windows XP, and for network installations
• Spreadsheet Import Tool that provides more options for selecting and
loading mixed textual and numeric data
• Readability and navigation improvements to warning and error messages
in the MATLAB command window
• Automatic variable and function renaming in the MATLAB Editor
Performance and Large Data Set Handling
• Increased performance in the MATLAB class system, especially for complex
data structures
• matfile function to load or save portions of an array in a MAT-file

MATLAB Compiler 4.16
• Faster installation of MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR)

Ça donne l’eau à la bouche tout ça

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