License agreement

En effet j’ai relu le license agreement (license.txt livré avec MATLAB ), qui est aussi accessible depuis le menu Help -> Terms of Use.

licensing r2012a

On peut lire entre autres:

1. The Prototype is provided to you on a confidential basis and is to
be used and handled by you only to the limited extent necessary for your
internal review, testing, and evaluation in conjunction with MathWorks.
You agree, in good faith, to thoroughly test and evaluate the Prototype, to
promptly furnish the results of all such testing and evaluation to
MathWorks, to provide sufficient personnel and programming support to
complete the testing and evaluation, and to respond to inquiries from
MathWorks regarding your use of the Prototype in accordance with the
limitations herein.

Donc vous comprendrez que je ne peux pas continuer à donner mon point de vue avant la sortie officielle de la R2012a.

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