MathWorks R2012a Prerelease Customer Survey

La coïncidence est que je viens de recevoir ce mail sur ma boite pro ( on le reçoit automatiquement après avoir téléchargé une Prerelease):

Dear Aurélien Queffurust,

You are receiving this e-mail because you recently activated MathWorks R2012a Prerelease software. In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of MathWorks products, we would appreciate your feedback by taking this short survey. We ask that you use the software for a period of time before responding to the survey.


Key Technical Information
For information about potential bug fixes and updates on key known issues in the R2012a Prerelease, check:

Reporting Issues
To report any issues found in the R2012a Prerelease, visit

We will consider all feedback, although we cannot ensure that every issue will be resolved in the upcoming release.

Thank you,
MathWorks R2012a Prerelease Team
The MathWorks, Inc.
3 Apple Hill Drive,
Natick, MA 01760

Donc je vais en profiter pour remonter les bugs que j’ai trouvés ,après tout c’est le but ;)
mais je dirais aussi ce que j’ai bien kiffé dans cette Prerelease car il n’y a pas que des choses négatives bien au contraire!
feedback r2012a

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