Startup Accelerator et help en gras

14 Juin 2011 : Prerelease R2011b
09 Septembre 2011 : Help des programmes MATLAB en gras

Voilà mes remarques sur le dernier billet du blog de Loren Shure:

Aurélien replied on September 16th, 2011 at 07:47 UTC :

“Automatic variable and function renaming in the MATLAB Editor” feature is definetely my favorite one.

2 others things I would like to mention :
I didn’t find any explanation within the R2011b doc about the new feature “Startup Accelerator for faster MATLAB startup on Windows”. How can we check that it works fine? By running matlab.exe -timing ?

Another feature that I noticed is

help hist

sets the function name hist in BOLD .
Idem , I didn’t find any information about it.


Scott a répondu à toutes mes attentes , trop sympa!

Scott Hirsch replied on September 16th, 2011 at 14:08 UTC :

Information on the Startup Accelerator is provided in the Admin guide:

Good eyes on the boldface function name in help! We decided this feature pretty much spoke for itself, that it didn’t need a release note. For those who haven’t noticed yet, when you ask for help on a function, we list the function name in bold with correct capitalization (typically all lower case) instead of listing it in all capital letters.

Enjoy the release :)

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