[PHP] Mise à jour de Zend Framework : 1.5.1

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Zend Framework 1.5 étant sorti depuis quelques jours, l’équipe a maintenant eu assez de retours pour proposer une version bugfix. ZF 1.5.1 vient donc de voir le jour, et corrige certains points de détail comme par exemple une nouvelle restriction de PHP 5.2.6 (actuellement en RC3) : http://news.php.net/php.internals/36606

Voici l’annonce de ZF 1.5.1 :

Hi all,

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Zend Framework 1.5.1! You
can download this new mini-release from the ZF download site:


As the first mini release for the 1.5.0 branch, 1.5.1 has the first shot
at addressing any issues with new features released in 1.5. While there
have been no major issues discovered in 1.5, the Zend Framework team
considers following a major or significant minor release with a mini
release quickly a best practice. With this mini release we address most
pain points discovered in the first few days of the 1.5.0 production
release. A list of all issues resolved in this release can be found at:



Again, we couldn’t have put this release together without the help of
our generous and sometimes gracious ;) Zend Framework community, so we
here at Zend once again extend our thanks to everyone who contributed
their time and effort to bring you the 1.5.1 release!
BTW, Some improvements have also been made to the website. Take a look
around to see what we’ve been up to.


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