[Zend Framework] La version 1.6 arrive

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Wil Sinclair vient d’annoncer que Zend Framework 1.6 sera bientôt figé. La date limite des propositions est fixée au 30 juin : si vous avez une proposition en cours et que vous voudriez la voir distribuée dès ZF 1.6, il faut l’envoyer dans l’un des incubateurs avant cette date.
cf. http://framework.zend.com/wiki/display/ZFPROP/Proposal+Lifecycle

ZF 1.6 prend plus d’ampleur que Zend l’avait imaginé ; d’après Wil, c’est presque comparable à ZF 1.5… Une version mineure 1.6.1 est déjà prévue peu après la sortie de ZF 1.6 afin de résoudre un maximum de problèmes. En conséquence, il est également prévu de sortir plus fréquemment des versions intermédiaires.

Parmi les nouveautés de ZF 1.6 et sauf erreur de ma part, on compte notamment :

Hi all, with 1.6 well underway and getting closer every day, we’ve
decided that 6/30 will be the deadline for 1.6 inclusion. That means
that all your code and documentation must be checked in to one of the
incubators and ready for promotion to trunk after approval from your
liaison (or anyone on the Zend team if you are contributing something
that does not require a proposal).
I know the deadline is tight, but we’ve actually pulled in our own
internal deadlines because we already have too *much* going in to 1.6.
The fact is, it’s starting to look as big as 1.5; that’s a sign that we
need to be doing minor releases more often. So, with that thrown out
there, you have my assurance (notice that I stop short of the word
guarantee :) ) that another minor release will come relatively quickly
on the heels of 1.6.
Also, we’ve gotten through all but two of the proposals in the ‘Ready
for Recommendation’ section. If you would like to have your proposal
added to the list of features for 1.6, please decide now whether you
have enough community feedback and move it to the ‘Ready for
Recommendation’ section if you feel you do. That said, please don’t
break off any constructive conversations on a proposal for the sake of
getting it in to 1.6- that’s just not the ZF way. :)
If you have any issues with this timeline, please contact me directly.

And, as always, thanks for all the contributions!


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