[Zend Framework] Code freeze de la version 1.5.2

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Wil Sinclair vient de faire savoir que le « code freeze » de la version 1.5.2 aura lieu dans la fin de la semaine prochaine. Il faut donc finaliser rapidement vos patches et préparer vos systèmes pour une mise à jour.

Yeap, it about that time again. We’ve gotten a lot of bug fixes checked
in over the past few weeks, and this is a heads up that code freeze will
be happening late next week or early the week after. *Now is a great
time to start merging your changes for 1.5.2 to the 1.5 branch.* Please
keep in mind that mini releases should never add new functionality and
should always maintain full backwards compatibility.
I’ve created a new release in JIRA called ‘1.5.2’. *After* you have
merged your changes to the 1.5 branch, you should mark your issue as
fixed and ‘fix version’ as 1.5.2. This is *extremely* important; JIRA
reports are the only reasonable way for us to track what made it in to
any given release.
I’ll be sending out our ‘official’ code freeze announcement soon with
exact dates.

Thanks again everyone for all the effort you’ve invested to make ZF such
a great project!

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  1. Avatar de YoguiYogui Auteur de l’article

    Zend Framework 1.5.2 est disponible ;)

    Hi all,

    It is our pleasure to announce the release of Zend Framework 1.5.2! You
    can download this new mini release from the ZF download site:


    A list of all issues resolved in this release can be found at:


    We couldn’t have put this release together without the help of our
    generous Zend Framework community, so we here at Zend once again extend
    our thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort to bring
    you the 1.5.2 release!


  2. Avatar de YoguiYogui Auteur de l’article

    La date est fixée à jeudi 8 (demain) à 21h00 PST, soit aux environs de 6 heures du matin vendredi 9 pour la France (sauf erreur de ma part).

    OK, it’s that time again:

    The code freeze for this releases is currently scheduled for 21:00 (9:00pm) PST (GMT-8) on Thursday, May 8. All contributors should have completed all pending work for the 1.5.2 release by this time and merged it back in to the 1.5 branch from trunk.

    Once again, *fixes targeted for 1.5.2 must be checked in to trunk and merged to the release-1.5 branch by code freeze.* Please also *merge any changes that you have previously made on trunk to the 1.5 branch that should also be included in 1.5.2*. Once you have merged a change to the
    1.5 branch to address an issue, please mark the ‘fix for’ version to the new 1.5.2 release, so that *we know the change has made it to the 1.5 branch.*

    During the code freeze, development in /trunk may continue as usual, but merges to the release-1.5 branch should not be committed during this time without the approval of a Zend liaison.

    Our intention is to build a sanity-check release for review by the community over the weekend with a general release made available on the Zend Framework site for the following Monday, May 12.

    Thanks again for all the time and effort you’ve invested in ZF. May you see many returns! :)

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