PHP 5.3 : Le « feature freeze » est pour aujourd’hui

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La liste des fonctionnalités de PHP 5.3 sera arrêtée aujourd’hui. Le PHP Group devrait pouvoir fournir une version alpha la semaine prochaine (le 31 juillet) avec un objectif de version finale au plus tard mi octobre.

Pour rappel, les fonctionnalités principales sont déjà implémentées pour la plus grande partie :

  • namespaces ;
  • LSB ;
  • SQLite 3 ;
  • mysqlnd (remplacement de libmysql) ;
  • re2c (remplacement de flex) ;
  • fermetures (bien que d’après internals@, il reste de nombreux doutes).

N’hasitez pas à aller voir le wiki, surtout si vous avez des compétences en C ;)


This is just a reminder from your friendly co-RMs that the PHP 5.3 feature freeze is rapidly approaching:

As you can see there are still a bunch of open topics. For the very important ones we have tried to contact the authors and work out a schedule to get them done. If there is anything missing on this list please make sure to let us know _ASAP_ (or forever hold your peace).

Please try to get your items done today or over the course of tomorrow (we are not giving a specific timezone, but try for sooner rather than later ..). Once we have reached the 25th, we will start being a bit more strict, so again please make sure we know about the things you want to do (this includes bug fixes – which we might deem feature changes) so that things will go smoothly for an alpha1 on the 31st.

Thank you all for the work that has been done in the past weeks. Things are shaping up nicely. My main worry point atm is that we are not sure about the status of re2c.

Johannes and Lukas

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