[phparch] La dernière participation de Sean au podcast

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Sean Coates, qui anime des podcasts avec Paul Reinheimer depuis de nombreux mois, participera pour la dernière fois ce mardi 29 juillet au podcast de php|architect.

Pour l’occasion, la nouvelle équipe (Paul Reinheimer et Beth Tucker) organise une session en vidéo sur http://live.yahoo.com/preinheimer à 21h (zone de Montréal).

Please join us on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 for a special live edition of php|architect’s P3 Podcast. It will be special not only because we will be be broadcasting video via Yahoo!Live, but it will also be Sean’s last P3 podcast.

The URL to join us is http://live.yahoo.com/preinheimer, and we will be starting around 9PM Eastern (America/Montreal). Please drop by to chat, share stories/links, and have a beer (or three) with us.

Note: we will not be recording/rebroadcasting the video portion of this podcast, so if you want in on it, you’ll have to show up at the date/time above. The audio will be recorded as usual and will be inserted into this feed.

See you on Tuesday!

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